Can I Make Money Online?

Inspiration for the Journey...

Can I make money online when I'm not a programmer, computer geek or tech wiz? Yes. You don't have to be the next Bill Gates or conceive the idea for the next Facebook to make a good living online. While the rest of the pages on this site might tell you useful information or give you insights and tools to make this a reality, I firmly believe that this page - dedicated to inspiring you on your journey - is the most important one here.

When people ask what I do for a living I tell them that I have an online business. Inevitably folks think that this means I have an eBay or eCommerce store (which I do, for testing purposes) and launch into a story of how their so-and-so relation sells things they make on eBay. They want to know what I sell. These stories inevitably end up with the person, at some point, saying that they wished they too could do something like that. When I ask them why they don't, they always say that they're not creative, they don't make things, they don't have anything to sell, etc. Either that or they're "not that good with computers."

At this point I'm always torn. These folks have already answered the question for themselves without ever really asking it. I want to tell them, I ache to argue with them that, instead of 'no' the real answer to the question is "do you want to?"

Most people like the idea but when they ask themselves if they want to or not, the challenge that comes from changing their lifestyles in this way is too overwhelming. They don't want it enough.

When people do ask me "Can I make money online?" I tell them, yes and no. The truth of the matter is that yes, everyone has the potential to make money online. From my computer challanged mother to my sales-savvy best friend, I firmly believe each of them could make it online. Neither of them do.

This site is all about "The Make Money Online Reality" and frankly, very few people actually make a significant amount of money online. For this discussion, I take "significant amount of money" to be a minimum USA liveable wage monthly, which is about $2,000/month. If you want my honest answer to the question "can I make money online," the truth is that the potential is there but the likelihood is slim if you aren't prepared to make it happen.

If you want to answer the question, can I make money online? with a yes, you need three things. You need a firm belief in yourself, determination and the right tools. You bring the first two and I'll help you get the latter.

However, when you're lonely at your computer, when you're feeling discouraged, if you're wondering if you should take the leap and try this... That's what this page is for. Here are stories of how other people, just like you, have answered the question "Can I Make Money Online" with a resounding yes.

As is appropriate, it's best to start with my own story of how I learned to make money online.

Share your story with us about how you answered the question, Can I Make Money Online? Even if you've chosen to answer 'no' we still want to hear from you!

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