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How to set up your own domain, hosting and blogging platform

Learning how to create a blog from scratch is so much easier these days than it was even a few years ago that I'm afraid this tutorial might be a bit simplistic. I'll try and set you up with an understanding of how blogs work including what makes them different from traditional website formats, and then walk you through setting up your own on your own domain with your own hosting.

Creating a Blog vs. a Website

Learning how to create a blog is much simpler than learning to build a website. Why? because most of the hard work has been done for you. Instead of coding each page individually from the ground up, or designing each page based on a template, you simply install blogging software onto your hosting platform and then the rest is cosmetics. All you have to do is enter the text from the back-end.

Blogs run on what is call a content management system. Most blogs use Wordpress or Typepad or Blogger although there are lots of different programs you can use. Think of your content management system like the frame of your house. Most of the time you don't see it (unless you're putting on an addition or something breaks) but it is what defines your house as being a house, not an office building or a buss station. Of course, there are content management systems for websites as well (Joomla is a popular one) and these are often specific to what you want your website to do. Wordpress is the industry standard and leader for blog content management systems. Oh, and it's free.

How to create a blog that's unique: create or modify a template to make it pretty. Themes are what make look different from and A theme is like the drywall, plaster and paint you put over your studs and frame of your house. All three of these sites run on Wordpress, but they look very different. Each of them does this via a different theme, which they've customized to fit their own style. Guess what? Once you install Wordpress, getting a new theme is as easy as clicking a button on the back-end and searching for one you like. Modifying it might take a bit of know-how, but there's so many GORGEOUS themes out there, you'll find something that's to your liking and your ability level to modify.

Once you've got your framework and theme set up, all you need to do is start filling up the site with content!

How to Create a Blog

The basics of how to create a blog are simple. Step one, register a domain name. Step two, purchase domain hosting. Step three, install Wordpress and set up a database. Step four, choose, install and activate a theme. Step five - start writing!

Step one of how to create a blog - register a domain name

This, step two and step three are made much easier if you use a one-click solution such as GoDaddy. If you do this, you can make these first three steps seamless and automated no mater your experience level. Start by finding a domain name that's available. After you've added that to your cart, add hosting. You only need the basic hosting plan until your blog becomes the next hot thing and then you can upgrade. Checkout and pay the nice man.

Click here to find out more about choosing a reliable web host and why I recommend GoDaddy instead of others.

Once your purchase has been 'delivered' to you (you'll get an email) you've well on your way.

Step two of how to create a blog - set up Wordpress

Now, if you were learning how to create a blog several years ago, you'd have to do these next steps from scratch. If you're doing them on a non-one-click web host, make sure to read all the instructions at about how to set up the Wordpress files so that they work right. You might want to learn how create a blog the 'long way' if, for instance, you're setting up a blog on your ecommerce store or something where you do your own hosting or where you have a dedicated server for your hosting.

Once your purchase is live, you'll want to find the 'one-click-setup' features for your account. In GoDaddy you log into your Hosting Account, click manage account, then navigate to managing your applications. This will open a new screen where you can find Wordpress listed among a bunch of applications that GoDaddy will install automatically for you. Click 'install'.

You will then be walked through the second step of how to create a blog. Just answer the questions your hosting provider asks and you'll be good to go. Oh, and write down what you input as you go along! You'll probably need that info later.

How to create a blog step three - make it pretty

Finally, you've got your blog set up. It will be ugly, but it is all yours. Go to and log-in with your administration username and password your created in the setup process. You'll be logged in and taken to your Dashboard.

Choose "appearance" on the left hand column and then "theme" to add and modify your theme. Search for and find a theme you like, click install and then activate, and you're good to go.

Click here to see my favorite wordpress templates and learn about using and modifying them on your own site.

Now, you can start writing! Click 'Posts' and 'create new' to write a new post. Yay! You've made it! You're blogging all on your own!

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