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The best way to learn internet marketing isn't to take a class, get a degree or even read a book. The best way is to learn for free from the cutting edge experts in the field. If you've got a website, eCommerce business or even a brick and mortar business that you want to grow with online advertising, you'll need to learn at least the basics of internet marketing. And the best place to do that is, surprise, surprise, on the internet.

When you first start learn internet marketing, you'll see lots of sites advertising lots of expensive courses, ebooks and degrees. It might seem like you need to shell out a bunch of money in order to learn internet marketing basics and get started improving your rankings and traffic. Don't do it! Resist the temptation!!!

In traditional marketing fields there are time-honored and tested methods for success and where you need to have advanced psychological understandings to develop effective campaigns. Learning these things takes time and getting a degree or reading a book is the best way to get started.

On the internet, however, marketing strategies can change as often as every 6 months because of the way that Google is constantly tweaking it's algorithm. Something you learn at the beginning of a semester-long course might be totally null and void by the end of the semester and, by the time you get your degree, it might even be a practice that's detrimental.

There are numerous examples of practices which have had this happen to them: keyword stuffing, blog and forum link building, automatic link-building pages, no-follow PR sculpting, etc. All of these were once solid components of a top-level SEO's best practices. Now, to do them is considered 'black hat' and 'spam' and may even get your site penalized or banned from the search engines.

So, taking courses is NOT the best way to learn internet marketing. At least, not at the beginning. Once you've gotten good, and if this has become what you do for a living, you might consider taking and advanced seminar, study series or course. There are many AWESOME courses like this offered and they are great ways to learn advanced techniques and skills to take your efforts to the next level.

But start here instead:

Learn The Way the Pros do: Online

Learn Internet Marketing the way the pros keep on top of their game - by reading about it online. Specifically, by subscribing to the blogs of the top professional and reading about the continual research they do in the field.

To get started, head over to SEOmoz.org. They've got a lively community, great and affordable tools and awesome basic internet marketing eBooks they give away for free. I particularly love this site because one of their missions is to understand the web graph (how sites link together) and how that plays into the rankings they get on the search engines. They are constantly testing theories, polling others in the field and experimenting with quantifiable data. This scientific approach is bleeding-edge, so even after you master the basics that they lay out, keep up to date on them.

Then you've got the other big hitters. Search Engine Land, SEOBook, Mat Cutts, and Search Engine Roundtable. There's lots out there though, and if you start to read these folks, you'll quickly learn who else you should be following.

Those are just for you to learn internet marketing that is related to natural search.

To learn internet marketing beyond natural search (such as newsletter marketing, click advertising, etc) check out the MarketingProfs.com, they've got tips on everything about everything. Seriously, I love them. Their tutorials on Newsletter Marketing and Video Marketing are top knotch.

Learn Internet Marketing for Free

Don't pay to learn internet marketing basics. There's absolutely no reason to- the basics aren't unique or proprietary tactics that they're sending your way. Instead, sign up for about 10-20 blog feeds in the particular area that you want to learn more about. Get these feeds delivered to your in box every day.

Then read them. All of them.

If you don't understand something the writer is talking about, Google it or ask a question in the comments. Most of these folks are very willing to help you understand it better (so long as you're polite and don't suck all their valuable time) and every one of them that I've met is a very nice human being.

Then, if your'e ready to take it to the next level, go to a conference or something. Schmooze. Listen to lectures. Make friends. Remember - the key is to stay on the cutting edge.

After your first conference, you might feel like you need to learn a certain point more in depth. Now, and only now, is the time to consider shelling out some cash to learn internet marketing. And only to learn in-depth tips and tactics in a specific area from the master of that field.

You might choose to learn more about setting up advanced analytic tracking, or you might take a class specific to Yahoo! stores or you might study and go to a seminar on how to run an A/B test.

Finally, always continue to learn. Don't stop reading the blogs you got started with, but add to them. Keep a finger on the pulse of internet marketing so that you know what's new in the arena even if most of your time is spent doing other things. In the long run, the effort you make to learn internet marketing will pay you back ten fold.

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