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Avoiding the Land of Broken Dreams...

If you made your way here, chances are you've been taken by make money scams. Goodness knows, I have fallen victim to several of these myself. Don't worry - this site is "The Make Money Online REALITY" and when I come across a scam I'll let you know. I've posted a bit about the ones I've been caught by below - if you've been the victim of one, tell us your experiences and help us protect one another. If there's one you're wondering about that you don't see here, drop us a line and I'll investigate it.

If you're just getting started learning how to make money online, you'll need to be aware - even more so than the average net user - of how to avoid internet scams. Unfortunately, scams are just so prevalent in the make money online industry that avoiding them is one of the necessary skills you'll need to learn as soon as possible.

Make sure to read my guide to avoiding internet scams as well!

Defining Make Money Scams

Before I start the run-down though, let me outline a bit of what I think defines make money scams as being different from actual make money opportunities.

Make money scams aren't actual business opportunities. If you wouldn't feel comfortable joining your local Chamber of Commerce and doing a 5 min elevator speech about something, then it's most likely a scam. The only real way to make money online is to participate in online commerce via a legitimate business endeavor - be it working for someone else or working for yourself.

Scams often promote the idea of "Get Rich Quick." Seriously, if you really knew how to turn $1 into $1,000,000 overnight, would you sell that secret for even $100? Yeah, didn't think so. Yes, you can make money quick online but that's RELATIVE to the speed at which you can make money doing the same thing offline. The simple fact is that you'll make money faster online because commerce happens faster online and if you can keep up, you can grow at that same rate. If you can't keep up (and that's hard to do btw) you'll be making money only as fast as you can ad value.

Make money scams promise that you'll make money easily (meaning without effort on your part). In order to participate in online commerce (and therefore make legitimate money), you must ADD something of value to the world. That might be information, products, skills, services, etc. If there's something that's promising you'll make money quickly without any effort, well then you're not adding anything of value to the world - what kind of value do you think you'll get back? There are lots of easy ways to make money online (meaning easy to understand and learn how to do) but they ALL require you put in effort and add value.

Make money scams exploit down-lines. This is VERY different from a Multi-Level-Marketing business, which can thrive online. Scams exploit instead of GROW your down-line's own business. This leads to quick burn-out of down-lines and requires you to be constantly marketing for and getting more sign ups for down line endeavors.

In contrast, there are some programs out there which are just simply bad products or hard-to-duplicate products. I'll try to point these out in my notes where I review them.

Reviews and Stories...

Tweet Profits - I originally thought that this was just a bad product. The CD they sent me during the free trial period had nothing of use and no novel information on it. However, the true scam revealed itself when I tried to cancel. After several attempts to cancel on the phone (and promises that I had been canceled), I eventually had to get my credit card company involved to stop their charges. It was horrible - I've never had such bad service experiences.

Have you been taken by a Make Money Scam?

Have you fallen for a Make Money Scam? Get back at the scammers and help others avoid them by telling us all about your experience!

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