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Telecommuting jobs are the yeti of the job market. Or perhaps they're more like the Giant Squid of the job market - they exist, people have heard of them, you might even know someone who's seen one, but hunting them down seems to take special skills. Luckily, finding the right one for you is a lot less dangerous and rarely requires you to put yourself in harm's way.

If you're thinking about embarking on a jobhunt for telecommuting jobs, read my article on finding work at home jobs online first for great resources for learning how to look for work at home jobs online.

Finding Telecommuting Jobs

Finding telecommuting jobs, like any work at home job, is all about knowing where and how to look. When most people are looking into working from home, their main goal is to get work, any work, that they can do from home without having to commute. For this reason, independent contracting and freelancing is frequently the solution whether or not you have skills from a previous career.

Telecommuting jobs, on the other hand, are subtly different.

Telecommuting is the art of learning to do what you've already established a career doing, from the comfort of your home (or wherever).

Landing telecommuting jobs is therefore mostly about how well you can sell yourself as a job applicant in your current career field. If you can do that well, if you can create a sense in the person in charge of hiring that you, and only you, will be the best person for this job - then you're in a position to negotiate.

So, you'll simply modify your regular job search in your career field to get you the lifestyle you want.

The first step to getting telecommuting jobs is to get your foot in the door. To even be considered for the position (because your address will be on your resume) you're going to have to overcome the automatic resistance to hiring someone who has a geographic location problem.

Get your foot in the door however you normally would - phone calls, cover letters, personal contact. Do what works for you and your natural sales style.

Once you're in conversation with the company, your goal is now to show them the benefits of having someone who telecommutes. Key things to consider - how will this cost them less, make them more efficient and grow their business?

Remember, when you're preparing your pitch, you're not just pitching how only YOU will give them these benefits, but how you can ONLY give them these benefits if you telecommute.

Creating Telecommuting Jobs

Say you like your job already. You enjoy the work and you've got seniority that you'd like to keep. Instead of looking for a new job, consider how you might recreate your current job.

Lots of folks telecommute occasionally. With rising gasoline prices, more and more people are telecommuting one or two days a week. Selling part-time telecommuting to your boss is a great way to get started creating the lifestyle you want.

If you've got a job where you can spend at least one day a week devoting yourself to paperwork, research and email (and most people in offices do, even if they can't afford an entire day for it) start blocking out one day a week where you do only this stuff. Say, Wednesday.

Now, once you're in this habit, make sure your boss knows your routine and make sure that you've got a good computer at home and internet connection where it would be possible for you to do all this work. Get your boss to try letting you do this one day a week (make sure it's not a Monday or Friday - you don't want to associate it with trying to get a longer weekend) from home.

Then, on those days, be hyper-connected to the office and hyper-productive. Respond quickly to emails. Be ever available by telephone. Get everything, and more, done. Perhaps you even come back with a new idea for improvement or suggestion for growing business after your 'day off'.

Yes, you'll have to work a lot harder on this day.

Then, make this day a regular part of your routine.

Once you've done this, moving to full-time telecommuting is relatively easy. Gradually add days of the week until you're at 3 days a week. When this happens, it will be time to talk with your boss about how full time telecommuting jobs can save the company money (don't forget to point out how productive you're being working from home).

If you're interested in the best explanation on how to really make this shift, read The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. It is truly comprehensive as well as inspiring.

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